Thursday, February 7, 2013

Morning Lions Links for Thursday 2-7-13


KVB responds to being released from the Lions:

The Lions made some moves, but where do they go from here:

Lions sign journeyman CB Domonique Johnson:

Lions just beginning much needed roster shake-up:

Released KVB expects big things from the Lions:

Suh no longer among Forbes most disliked athletes:

KVB has no hard feelings after being cut by the Lions:

Titus Young will still cause trouble, just not for the Lions:

Seifert brings up a good point about Reggie Bush (He's a third down guy that's averaged just over 2.06 yds after contact per carry.):


SI's Big Board 2.0 (Will add it to my prospect rankings later on):

Big board questions:

Feb. 6th draft rumblings:

The combine chronicles - TEs:

OT Fischer goes from lightly recruited to first round:

Top 10 combine snubs:

Top 5 prospects at every offensive position:

Top 5 prospects at every defensive position:


Video blog - Coach KVB:

Double coverage - Which team is better off - the Lions for releasing Titus or the Rams for acquiring him:

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