Thursday, June 27, 2013

Morning Lions Links for Friday 6-28-13

Lions Articles:   

It's clear this is Stafford's team now:

10 questions with Twentyman - which player could be a surprise starter in week 1:

O'Hara - CJ's greatness spans beyond stats, polls and rankings:

CJ up for ESPY award:

Lions OLB carousel to keep spinning into camp:

Schwartz worth three Millen draft picks:

CJ voted #3 in NFL's ranking:

Where will CJ rank in the NFL's top 100?  Maybe no. 1:


Former Lions LB Durant to Vikings RB AP - Let me know what you were juicing on.  I need it:


Where will CJ rank in the top 100:

CJ is #3 in the NFL's top 100 list:

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